July 9, 2015

World Endoscopy Organization

April 2-5, 2014

The George Berci Lifetime Achievement Award In Endoscopic Surgery
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Prof T. E. Udwadia was awarded with "George Berci Lifetime Achievement Award in Endoscopic Surgery" at the 2014 SAGES Annual Meeting.

  • This is the highest honor SAGES bestows.
  • It is bestowed for a lifetime contribution as an innovator in the field of endoscopic surgery, which may be scientific, technological or educational.
  • It is designated to be granted to an endoscopic surgeon who may or may not be a member of SAGES.
  • The award will not necessarily be given every year, but bestowed when the Board determines a worthy nominee.
  • Nominations may come from any member of SAGES. Nominator is encouraged to solicit additional supporting letters for their nominee.

The IFSES board meeting was held October 2, 2012 in Chicago, during the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress. In attendance were the leadership of IFSES, representatives from the member societies and members of the Corporate Advisory Board.

Message from Dr. Seigo Kitano, the 5th President of IFSES

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your unconditional support to IFSES and congratulate Dr. Natan Zundel on the very successful meeting, the 13th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Since 1992, the unforgettable year of the birth of the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons, 20 years have passed. In the history, Professor Jacques Perissat laid the foundations for an International Federation dedicated to spread Minimal Access Surgery, and Founder President, Dr. Gerald Marks achieved the culmination of ground work for the formation of the Federation together with a large number of actively involved surgeons.

During the recent 8 years, the number of member societies and corporative members has increased, and Endoscopic Surgery has developed widely under the strong leadership of the 3rd President, Dr. Tehemton E. Udwadia, and the 4th President, Dr. Alberto Chousleb.

I am now privileged with honour of serving as the President to put my utmost efforts to make the federation more worldwide and united than ever before.

Here I promise you that I will never quit putting my heart and soul to fulfil my duty and trying not to betray your trust and expectation on my shoulder.

Even though I have just taken a step forward with a great responsibility as a president, I will keep going forward in cooperation with Dr. Michael Li who has doing more than excellent job as a secretary general and whom I can give my full trust.

Seigo Kitano, MD, PhD, FACS
President of IFSES

Dear all,

Please be informed that the matter had been discussed in IFSES Corporate & Executive Board Meeting held on March 31, 2011 in San Antonio that the by-laws of IFSES would be reviewed and the motion was made to put a moratorium on admission of new members into IFSES. Under this circumstance, all new applications as IFSES member society are being put on hold until after the approval of revised by-laws by all member societies.

Thank you,

For and on behalf of
Executive Board of IFSES
Prof. Michael Li, General Secretary

November 3, 2010

A mini biography of a true surgical hero.

Dear friends,

With the passing on October 31, 2010 of our dear friend and colleague, Gerhard Buess, I offer the attached biography.

With the realization that Gerhard Buess faced a serious medical challenge, the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons presented him with the Inaugural Distinguished Recognition Award from that organization. The award was presented to him in Athens, Greece in July 2007 at the European Association of Endoscopic Surgical Surgeons Annual Meeting. As part of that celebration I had the privilege and honor of interviewing Gerhard to create a mini biography that would become part of the presentation. Upon rereading the mini biography, I relived the feelings experienced during my interview with Gerhard to create this piece. Reading it I am sure will give you the same warm feeling of identification with how creative seeds are planted and grow and what is generally in store for the innovator and pioneer. I hope you feel that you have read the story of a true surgical hero.

Thank you,

Jerry Marks

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Dear colleagues,


It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to address you and express my deep gratitude to all the representatives of IFSES.

The main purpose of this federation; to promote growth of minimally access surgery, serving as an international forum for the discussion, evaluation, and dissemination of information pertaining to endoscopic surgery and minimal access techniques and select the venues of future World Congresses.

The rapid evolving world of minimally invasive surgery is challenging surgeons everyday with technical and ethical aspects, exciting advances in all fields of surgery are present and many changes for the near future, we must evaluate this new technologies and embrace only those that pass strict scientific scrutiny, keeping in mind that the most important of what we do is for the benefit of our patients.

Historical list of the World Congresses of Endoscopic Surgery

  • The International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES) was created at the end of the 3rd WCES June 19th. Professor Gerald Marks was elected as first President of IFSES.
  • The 1st World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (WCES) was organized conjunctly by SAGES and Springer Verlag publisher under the Presidency of Professor H. Troidl in Berlin Germany EU June 1988.
  • The 2nd WCES was organized by SAGES under the Presidency of Professor G. Bercy in Atlanta Georgia USA April 1990.
  • The 3rd WCES was organized conjunctly by EAES and SAGES under the Presidency Professor J. Périssat in Bordeaux France EU June 1992.
  • The 4th WCES was organized by IFSES-JSES under the Presidency of Professor Y. Idezuki in Kyoto Japan June 1994.
  • The 5th WCES was organized by IFSES-SAGES under the Presidency of Professor G. Marks in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA April 1996.
  • The 6th WCES was organized by IFSES-EAES under the Presidency of Professor A. Montori in Rome Italy EU June 1998.
  • The 7th WCES was organized by IFSES-ELSA under the Presidency of Professor P. Goh in Singapur June 2000.
  • The 8th WCES was organized by IFSES-SAGES under the Presidency of Professors K.Forde and L.Swanstrom in New York, New York USA April 2002.
  • The 9th WCES was organized by IFSES-FELAC-ALACE under the Presidency of Professor A. Chousleb in Cancun Mexico February 2004.
  • The 10th WCES was organized by IFSES-EAES under the Presidency of Professor G. Buess in Berlin Germany EU September 2006.
  • The 11th WCES was organized by IFSES-JSES under the Presidency of Professor S. Kitano in Yokohama Japan September 2008.

Future events hosted by the IFSES Societies will continue to provide the quality of education and scientific content that was experienced in previous world meetings. Therefore I would like to wish my best to the Organizing Committee of our next World Congress and Professors, Barry Salky (SAGES Chair) and Christopher Schlacta (CAGS Chair); that without any doubt will organize a superb event. The 12th World Congress venue already elected during the 11th WCES and will be organized by IFSES, ALACE-FELAC under the Presidency of Natan Zundel.

A third very important aspect of IFSES; "Organize, and train the developing parts of the World in basic Laparoscopic Techniques", multiple committees have been created for this purpose, one of them to help develop MAS in Africa. Founded by Professor J. Perissat and the support of our corporate partners.

With the help of FELAC and ALACE, MAS has reached marginal regions in Latin-America. India and Southeast Asia are doing the same with the direction of their local Societies. Teaching teleconferences are growing as another tool to actualize the dynamic changing of our current knowledge.Structured courses like FLS (Fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery) and LAP (Laparoscopia Avanzada Practica) are being incorporated into the surgical curriculums of many countries in the American Continent. Currently FLS has become part of the mandatory curriculum of the American Board of Surgery. These hands on courses provide a structured curriculum with material available online and on DVD hands on course. The LAP course in many aspects has the teaching principles of ATLS and was imparted to surgeons with adequate training in Minimally Invasive Surgery from different countries in Latin America to uniform the teaching in small towns of the region ("teach the trainers").

The Corporate Partnership Committee of the Federation provides a forum for collaboration between surgeons and corporations regarding education, practice of endoscopic surgery with the highest standards and research in MAS. I would like to acknowledge our Corporate Partners for their great support.

Finally I would like to express my deep gratitude to the advisory committee integrated by Professors Gerald Marx,Jacques Perissat, Tehemton Udwadia, Sir Alfred Cushieri and Tatsuo Yamakawa for their invaluable and permanent work for IFSES.

Alberto Chousleb, MD
President IFSES

Alberto Chousleb, MD FACS
Chief Department Experimental Surgery
ABC Medical Center
Sur 136#116 Office 515
Colonia Las Americas
México D.F. 01120
52 (525) 272-3912
52 (525) 272-2875