International Federation of
Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons


General Introduction

Minimal Access Surgery was fast becoming a world phenomenon by 1991. An International group of surgeons committed to the spread of M.A.S. got together at the 3rd World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in Bordeaux in 1992 under the Chairmanship of Professor Jacques Perissat with the determination to set up an International Federation dedicated to the spread. The then purpose of this Federation is to enhance and promote Endoscopic Surgery and minimal access techniques by: serving as an International forum for the disevaluation, and dissemination of information pertaining to Endoscopic Surgery access techniques, selecting the venue for Biennial World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery. This was not to be a Federation of Surgeons but of Surgical Societies whose members were Laparoscopic surgeons from all over the world. The formation of the Federation was the culmination of ground work done by the Founder President Dr. Gerald Marks together with a large number of actively involved surgeons. This was the birth of the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES) in 1992.

A unique concept of IFSES was that these surgeons from several Endoscopy Societies sought and obtained the partnership of Industry, so that leading manufacturers joined IFSES as Corporate Members making this the only Federation where surgeons integrate with and actively involve Industry to help achieve the mutual goal of the growth and spread of M.A.S.

Mission Statement

M.A.S. is so encompassing in its spread, so varying in its complexity and instrumentation, the spectrum of surgical care in the world so disparate, from the opulent to the deprived, that to state that the IFSES mission through the activities of its Member Societies and Corporate Members is the growth and spread of M.A.S., all over the world may appear idealistic and futuristic. IFSES is aware of the magnitude of the problems, but is evolving a strategy to try, as best, to achieve its mission.

It is NOT the role, scope or intent of IFSES to duplicate any of the programmes of its Member Societies. It is NOT the intent of IFSES to actively approach any Corporate Member for monetary funds. That is the prerogative of the Member Societies.

IFSES is rich in the quality, capability, activity and culture of each one of its Member Societies and the ethical and professional excellence of its Corporate Members.

IFSES should and will act as a meeting point, unifying force, melting pot, apex body of all its Member Societies, for harmonious interaction and cooperative efforts of the Societies - to help facilitate the spread of M.A.S. world wide. The current President comes from a developing country and it will be his constant thrust to channelize the efforts of all Member Societies and Corporate Partners towards helping ensure optimal surgical care through M.A.S. to all people in all places.

A few aspects which IFSES should contribute to spread of M.A.S. worldwide are:

All the above, and much more has for the International Federation Of Societies Of Endoscopic Surgeons basically only one mission - the growth, future progress and spread of M.A.S. World-Wide.