International Federation of
Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons

FELAC: Federación Latinoamericana de Cirugía


Latin American Federation of Surgery

The FELAC was founded on July 1973 at the convention center of the Gloria hotel in Rio de Janeiro Brazil during an international meeting organized by the Brazilian College of Surgeons under the presidency of Dr. Joao de Lorenzo with participation of Delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay with the main objective of promote the research, practice and teaching of surgery all over Latin America, involving all the surgical societies and participation trough an international Congress every other year.

The first Congress after his foundation was organized in Buenos Aires Argentina on October 1973 and for December of the same year other countries were incorporated among them Bolivia, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Years later were incorporated the rest of Latin American Societies making a total of 18.

The number of members has been steadily growing; all of them belong to their respective society, actually around 30,000 with almost 50% belong to the Brazilian Argentinean and Mexican Societies.

Since the Federation was founded there has been 16 Presidents, the first 3 cover a period of 12 years, and since 1985 was establish that the presidency has two years duration and the President is elected during the international congress, without possibility of reelection. The majority of countries member had organized at least a Congress and during the meeting in Santiago de Chile in 1979 was decided to create the Executive Direction with duration of 4 years and possibility of reelection and since 1997 was approved the advisory committee to support the work of the President and integrated by the Past Presidents.

Several committees are fundamental part of the of the Federation among them the Infection, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Oncology, Trauma, Metabolism and Nutrition, Bioethics, and informatics, with the commitment to spread teaching and education to all the member societies FELAC has his own web page since 1996 ( Books and a bulletin publish 4 times a year, available to any one free of charges.

FELAC has been member and establish relation of mutual participation with different societies, International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES).International Surgical Society (ISS/SIC) Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgery (ALACE), American College of Surgeons (ACS), recently they included on their program the Latin American Day, Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), European Association of Endoscopic Surgery(EAES), Spanish Society of Laparoscopic Surgery (SECLA) and of course with all Latin American Surgical Societies.

The Actual President of FELAC. Dr. Nassim Tata Saldivia (Venezuela)

Executive Director Dr. Samuel Shuchleib (México)

President: Dr. David Ortega Checa

Executive Director 2017-2021:
Natan Zundel, MD, FACS, FASMBS
Phone: (571) 2574560. (571) 2574501
Cel 1 3053083035